Brokerage & Investment Banking Services (M&A)

We act as intermediaries for M&A deals. Depending on the complexity of a deal we subcontract with other professionals such as lawyers, accountants and cooperate with other brokers and investment banker to provide a complete solution to our clients' needs. We are not in the business of securities and all of our attentions is focused on the actual transaction from finding the right investor, representing our client's assets and negotiating the best outcome for both sides.

The cost of our services are directly dependent on the complexity of each transaction and the number of professionals that are required to complete a transaction. The fees can range from a combination of a fixed monthly retainer and a success fee to an initial fee, success fee and a percentage of future profits. 

As a general rule, business transaction over USD $10million is best handled by our team of investment banking experts and business transactions less than that amount can be handled by our business brokers as the value of the transaction is not worth the time and investment necessary to carry out these transactions through the investment banking arm,

As a business broker and as an investment banker our work is very similar but as brokers we can complete the transactions with much less overhead and less number of people involved. For simple transactions, our business brokers are able to identify prospects, negotiate terms and close the deal. For complex transactions, our team of investment specialists and lawyers take many part of completing a transaction, thus it requires a much higher overhead.

Brokerage & Investment Banking Fees

Every transaction is different and that affects the fee that a brokerage or an investment banking firm charges. Most businesses that come to us for listing of their companies are underprepared as what it takes to get their companies ready for presentation to a potential investor or a buyer. Therefore, it typically takes an average of 3-9 months to prepare all of the necessary documents to present the company in a such a way that add values to the company. Our team of specialists understand what professional investors are looking for an why they are willing to pay a higher price for one business than one that is priced lower.

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