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Available Investments & JV Opportunities


JV Opportunity- Neuro-spinal Surgery Hospital 


An international hospital chain with an excellent reputation is seeking a complete buy-out or JV opportunity in the following Countries/Area:




California- Southern California






Total Available Fund for Investment:   USD $100M 


Special Notes:  The hospital is backed by a government mutual fund and in previous deals, they have shown interest in also investing in the real estate.



JV Opportunity- Outpatient Ambulatory Surgical Hospital, USA 


A large outpatient care hospital in New Jersey, USA is seeking outside joint venture investment and opportunties for further expansion.



JV Opportunity- 100 bed Hospital in Yangon, Myanmar


One of the largest private hospitals in Myanmar is seeking JV opportunity to upgrade its technology & management and prepare for further expansion in Yangon.




JV Opportunity- A Bone Manufacturing Company


A bone manufacturing company in Southeast Asia is seeking joint venture investment for further growth and expansion. The company provides bone grafting materials to both medical and dental professionals.




JV Opportunity- Joint Venture with a Medical HospitalA very large and highly reputable medical group and spa in Southern China is seeking a hospital partnership from an experienced hospital operator in a medical tourist destination. The incoming medical group will be able to benefit from the influx of Chinese patients from Hong Kong and also enter the China market very easily. 


Special Notes: Low investment and minimum barrier of entry is required as the medical facility is built as a 5 star clinic.



Seeking Private Equity or Institutional Investors


A leading group of dental clinics in Southeast Asia is seeking private equity funding for further growth and expansion. The clinics prefer PE firms with strong background in healthcare and experience in IPO.



Joint Venture Opportunities- Partial Acquisition 


A large multi-national  medical and dental group is seeking acquiring dental and medical clinics in the following countries:






All  ASEAN Countries


GCC Countries


Total Available Fund for Investment:   USD $200M+ 





Licensing and Partnership with a multi-national Medical and Dental Group


A large medical and dental organizations is seeking to license and partner dental and medical groups in following countries


Thailand     Completed March 2nd 2016

Sinagpore   Completed July 20th, 2016



Vietnam      Under Discussion



UAE             Completed

USA Many States Available- Please Inquire

Saudi Arabia

Germany- Berlin Seeking Back Up 

Norway   Completed November 1st, 2016

USA         Many States Available

Medical Space For Lease- Bangkok, Thailand


A new 14 story medical building located in the medical hub of Bangkok near Bumrungrad International Hospital, Asoke Skin Hospital, Rutin Eye Hospital and all major hotels is available for immediate occupancy. This building is an international day hospital and caters to medical tourists as well as local Thais that seek international facilities.



A group of Dermatology Clinics is seeking Joint Venture and PE Investment 


A 12 location Dermatology and cosmetic services is seeking partnership opportunities as a joint venture or PE investment with an eventual IPO. The company is located in Thailand with an excellent reputation and branding. The clinics are located in high end shopping malls with heavy traffic.

Dental Clinics and Groups in Thailand

A large international dental center in Thailand with multi locations is seeking private equity investment

A Small, modern 6 dental room dental clinic is available for sale at Siam One building. Dr. is willing to work back a clinician.





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