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12 Week Top 1% Earner Detail Info
Become A Top 1% Earner
​Mastering Communication
Clinical Diagnosis
Diagnosis KPI's
Most dentists don't know how to become among the top 1% earner as no one has ever shown them the road map. Having a great clinical skills is absolutely important but how many highly skilled dentists do we know that cannot earn enough money as a dentist?

​In this intense 10-weeks coaching program, you will learn what it takes to be in the top 1% of your field and it all starts with learning how to do proper examination, diagnosis as well as mastering communication skills so you can convey to your patients your recommended treatment plan. This training is unlike any other training that you may have attended as it will give you all of the necessary communication skills that you need to build trust with your patients. You will learn how not to sell dentistry but help your patients decide on the dentistry they want through exceptional level of questioning.

​The program is customized to each practice and is conducted via Zoom Web Video Conferencing where each participant can access via the comfort of their home and office. The fee for this 12-Week program is $4500.00 with no additional charge for team members ( Up to 20 People ).  You may also pay for this program in 3 equal monthly payments of $1650.00 for your convenience.
Clinical Assessment and Discovery
  • Learning Handoffs and how to use them to promote patient safety, build trust and market services to patients
  • Learning about open and closed questions 
  • Building scripted questions for every clinical situation. A sample script will be provided for every popular procedure
Understanding the Patient's Buying Journey &
the Master Sales Communication Cycle
  • Learning the Importance of both Physical and Non-Physical Contact
  • The differences between traditional treatment plans taught in dental schools and the want based treatment planning.
  • Identifying Emotional Turnoffs
  • Building your Elevator Pitch Vocabulary for consistent communication including sample scripts
  • Learn the difference between features and benefits and how to use keywords that describes benefits when speaking to patients and also marketing campaigns
Treatment Plan Presentation
Where, When, How?
  • Learning when to present complex cases in relationship to the initial diagnosis
  • Understand why presenting in certain time of the day is not very suitable
  • Learn where to present and how the room where you present can affect your case acceptance
Handling Objections​
  • Identify the most common objections in dentistry
  • Learn how to differentiate between complaints and objections
  • Learn the key points in handling each objection
  • Learn how to handle each objection with sample scripts
  • Find out the biggest objection that dentists face when presenting treatments
  • Learn how to resolve each objection and get the patients to move ahead with treatment
( Getting an Agreement with a Patient to Schedule Treatment Plan )
  • Understand why patients expect us to ask for a closing question
  • Learn different closing techniques and which one should NEVER be used in dentistry
  • Learn how to get a patient committed to the treatment plan
  • Learn how to discourage No Shows, Cancellations
  • Learn how to collect up to 100% of the treatment fee in advance
Increasing Transaction Value of Each Patient
  • Learn how to calculate the transaction value of each patient
  • Learn how to calculate the Lifetime Value of each patient
  • Learn the difference between Upselling, Cross-Selling, Bundling, Cross-Referral and Cross-Promotion
  • Learn scenarios that each option can be used in a dental office to increase sales volume
Communicating Cosmetic Dentistry
How to identify what looks good and what needs to be improved
  • Learn why your team need to become comfortable in identifying cosmetic problems in order to initiate a conversation 
  • Learn the Basic principles of cosmetic dentistry
  • Review the clinical assessment scripts from week 2
What Do I See and What Do I Ask?
  • Learn to look at dental photos in identifying dental problems that may not be readily visible
  • Practice asking questions for each clinical scenario
  • Bring a featured case to the class for discussion
WEEK  9 & 10, 11 & 12
Leading a Dental Practice
Performance Management KPI
  • Learn why leadership is important in building a successful dental team
  • Learn how to assess your own leadership skills
  • Find out how you must develop your own leadership skills in order to attract and retain the best talent
  • Learn why you cannot delegate the hiring of an employee unless the person who is in charge is a highly developed leader
  • Learn how to bring a culture of accountability to your practice
  • Find out what makes followers fall in love with you and how you must set examples
  • Learn how to sell your idea and vision to your team
  • Learn why some leaders are more influential than others and how to influence others in your practice to carry out your vision
  • Find out why leadership is a process and not a destination
  • Learn the 5 levels of leadership that you can have with each individual employee and why you can quickly go back to the first level if not careful
  • Learn the difference between delegation and empowerment
  • Learn why people buy into you first as a leader before they buy into your vision
  • Learn why momentum is the key to make you look good as a leader and how to create those momentums in your practice
  • Learn how to grow your practice without your direct involvement
  • Learn how to build a team that you never HAVE TO go to the office without losing production.
  • Learn about the component of performance management and why you need to measure everything in your practice
  • Learn and practice KPI management for Dentists
  • Learn the top dental KPI's that every practice must track
  • Be introduced to Simple KPI software and develop a plan to implement in your practice.
  • Present your practice KPI's and weekly diagnosis cases for evaluation.
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