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A John Maxwell Team Training Certficate Program
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Leadership for All Business Professionals

Whether you are a practice owner, work in a government setting, run the dental division in the military, a dental associate a CEO or a practice manager, the chances are that you are leading a group of people every day. Leadership is learned process and sooner you learn how to lead people, more control you will have over this process. Great leaders know what it takes to be great and they immediately recognize those who are promising future leaders. In this John Maxwell leadership training, you will become familiar with the principles of leadership that will allow you to lead hundreds of people in your organization. The principals learned here are the same leadership principles being Dr. John Maxwell and his coaches across various industries, fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Come and join Dr. Allen for a 8-Weeks Leadership program whether you are a dentist, doctor, or any business professional that wants to develop their leadership skills.

​Find Out What You Will Learn
Through Out This Coaching

• Learn why most leaders are not really leaders but only hard working managers?

• Learn what are the top 3 leadership laws that you must understand and comply with in order to move your leadership skills to the next level

• Find out how your can navigate your team forward even if you have never been to where you are going?

• Understanding why positions and titles are temporary in any organization and what you need to do to become indispensable to your company, board of directors and the people who follow you?

• Becoming aware of your strength and weaknesses as a leader

• Why most leaders have a difficult time in motivating their employees to believe in their vision and see the bigger picture and what they must do?

• Learn the 3 things that your team looks for in your character order to trust you as a leader?

• Learn how to earn respect from others and the 6 traits that you will be evaluated by as leader

• What are the 7 characteristics that we naturally use to hire and recruit team members ?

• Understand the 3 questions that you must consistently as yourself as a leader to keep you grounded?

• How to create an inner-circle and why this is important in maximizing your potential as a leader?

• The 3 fatal barriers that leaders must overcome, in order to empower people 

Why the most valuable gift a leader can give is by example and what you need to watch out for?

• What are the 3 components of leading your team to victory and why these must be instilled in all of your team members •Understanding that activity is not necessarily accomplishments and what you need to do prioritize your day?

• How the law of momentum can help you shine as a leader?

• Understand why leadership is about sacrifice and what you need to give up in order to go up?

• How to exponentially grow as a company ?

• The challenges that you must be aware of and overcome in recruiting and developing other leaders

• What you need to do to build a lasting company/organization that can run with or without you? 

• What are the 5 things that a new leader must do when entering a new company?

• How do you motivate an unmotivated employee?


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