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Grow Your Dental Practice

Beyond Your Wildest Dream !

This Free webinar teaches dentists on how to grow their practices and incomes beyond their wildest dream. If you are dissatisfied with your work as a dentist, if you are burnt out from seeing too many patients, if you are not able to earn the income that you think you deserve, if you are at a loss as how to increase your revenue without working more days or seeing more patients and if you are looking to restore the balance between your personal and professional life so you can spend more time with your family and loved ones, you must not miss this Free life-changing webinar. In this 2-hour webinar followed by Q&A, you will learn:

1) The 3 common dissatisfaction among dentists across the world and how to reignite your passion about dentistry and enjoy what you have spent years to train for.
2) Why communication mastery is the ultimate marketing tool, the for any progressive dentist and how you can convert inquiries to high paying loyal


3) Learn about Dr. Allen's proven sales communication cycle that everyone on your team can easily learn and apply

4) Understand the 3 core competencies that each dentist needs to have in order to be able to grow their practice successfully and end up with a winning team who are highly motivated to come and work hard every day

5) Learn everything you need to know about the first contact with a patient and how to begin adding value to them so you never have to compete on price and get rid of price shoppers.

Dr. Allen will discuss the importance of coaching and why it is vital for survival as a dentist and how it can help you shortcut your way to success.
Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS MBA has nearly 30 years experience in owning and managing chains of clinics in USA and Asia and he is a full time practice management consultant helping doctors to develop, scale and exit successfully. 


Learn more about Dr. Allen 

This FREE 2-Hour is Guaranteed to Open Your Mind to a Brighter Future

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