One on One Consultation with Dr. Allen

One on One Consultation with Dr. Allen

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One and hallf hour of one on one discussion with the dental expert. During this session, you can ask any questions related to your company or your business. If you are stuck with any issues related to your buisness, this hour will help your clear your mind so you can make better decisions. The popular topics discussed with clients are:

1- Establishing New Dental Office

2- Marketing Strategies

3- Malpractice Cases

4- Asset Protections

5- Exit Strategies

6- Private Equity Investments

7- IPO listings

8- Office Managemt

9- Licensing, Franchising

10- HR related issues

11- Issues related to dental licensing 




    Reputation Management


    15-Month Accelerated

    24-Month Mastermind Group

    Brokerage & Investment Banking

    15-Month Accelerated

    24-Month Mastermind Group

    Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS MBA FICOI MICOI

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