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Dental Associate Manual- A friendly dental agreement

Dental Associate Manual- A friendly dental agreement

$670.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price

Are you considering to hire an associate for your practice? Hiring an associate can be tricky and it requires a clear communication between the practice owner and a new doctor joining your practice. The legal contracts drafted by lawyers are very good at protecting you, if you can get the new doctor to sign it without scaring them away. Over the years, we have developed a friendly dental associate manual that explains all of the necessary terms of the agreement without scaring your new doctor away. The manual is designed to protect you and your practice and can be used as a reference in case of a dispute. The manual can be customized for both employees and independent contractors. We begin by interviewing the practice owner or administrator through a video call to fully understand your goals and objectives. We will make recommendations to you based on our nearly three decades of experience working with hundreds of associates. The first draft of manual can be delivered to you within one week after our initial consultation with you and all revisions to this manual is free of charge for up to 4 months.


This is not a replacement to legal advice and we recommend our clients to show the manual to an attorney familiar with local laws. This valuable manual can also be used by any legal representative as the basis for writing up a legal contract. This manual is available at a nominal charge compared to a typical legal contract that can cost around $5000.00 Order your copy today.

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