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Market Feasibility and Practice Location Analysis

Market Feasibility and Practice Location Analysis

$1,200.00 Regular Price
$492.00Sale Price

Setting up your dental practice is one of the most important decisions that you will be making in your life aside from who you marry or who will take in as a partner in your business. Before you begin investing  $300K-$500K in your office, why not get a second opinion and precise recommendation best on your requirements?


First, we will have a thorough evaluation of your desires, passion, type of practice, type of patients you want to attract, your earning desires and of course your exit strategy.

That is right…  “ Exit Strategy” !!! This is the most overlooked aspect of setting up a dental practice as dentists don’t look at long-term plan and understanding the differences in exit strategy can mean the difference of having and extra $100K-$1M in the bank at the time you decide to sell.


Once we have a complete understanding of your profile for investment and explained all of the pros and cons of each decision, we will give you a series of detailed analysis and recommendations as the best location to set up your practice and of course, if you are interested further, we will help you with site selection, office lease negotiations, practice start up, training your team and all the way until you are ready to hire your first associate and finally exit from your practice.

For a small investment of $1200, do not risk your money in setting up your next practice. Click and buy this service today, you will be greatly surprised at what you did not know.

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