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Mastering Communication & Sales for Dental Team

Mastering Communication & Sales for Dental Team

$9,995.00 Regular Price
$4,997.50Sale Price

This intense training designed for the entire dental team, will teach you as exactly how to become a top 1% producing dental practice in your market. The program will cover 4 areas of the sales cycle, The Contact, Discovery/Assessment, Presentation and Closing. Your entire dental team will understand on how  to interview patients and promote cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, All on 4 and other elective dental services. This program produces significant results immeditaley and when all of the prinipals are applied flawlessy, it is guranteed to increase your income, reduce your working hours and the amount of stress that most dentists and dental teams suffer from. This training is the result of almost 3 decades of Dr. Allen's experience in building one of the premiere dental practices in the US with monthly collections of $500,000 + in a 14 day a month schedule. This program can help any dentist in any type of dental practice to become a super producer, provide the highest level of ethical care and join the rank of 1% of top producing dentists in the world. Once purchased a video link will be sent every week for 4 weeks in a row. Each segment must be completed before the next video is released to insure the prinicipals are applied. You have an option to make 3 payments of $1800.00 over a three month period. Please send us an email at

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