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Periodontal Report Card
  • Periodontal Report Card

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    Do you want to boost your dental hygiene revenue by 300%?
    Begin to use a Periodontal Report Card.


    Periodontal Report Card is a comprehenisve template to be shared with patients. It discusses various stages of periodontal health, the oral-systemic relationship, your recommendation of therapy and over the counter products.


    " When I began using a periodontal card in the hygiene department, my daily production increased to $4000 per day from $1200 a day. It is a simple but effective tool for patients to understand the value of periodontal treatment and begin owning their problem".  Holy McKenzie RDH


    " We have increase our hygiene schedule to 6 days of hygiene and have to hire a new person soon because of implementing the Periodontal Report Card"  Gerald Li, Periodontist

    • Periodontal Report Card file type

      The document will be provided in both Words and Pages for Customization

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