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Why Highly Developed Leaders Are in High Demand & Are Paid Well?

Many people consider themselves a leader. A leader can be my uncle Joe who runs a small neighborhood convenience store or my cousin Mary who is a nurse in a local hospital. As long as we influence others, we are all considered a leader. However, all of us are at a different level as far as our leadership skills are concerned. None of us are born with those skills, It is a learned skill through education, experience, trials and errors.

I always wondered why some companies recruit a new leader for their organization every few years and compensate them astronomical salaries combined with incentive bonuses. According to Modern Healthcare, the leader in healthcare business news the median income of 117 Healthcare CEOs was $USD5.4 million in 2014. The median income continues to rise as the number of highly developed leaders shrink. This is not just limited to healthcare but I see that across all industries. In my opinion these are some of the reasons that highly developed leaders are in a such high demand and they deserved to be paid very well.


A truly developed leader comes into an organization with a clear vision of the direction a company needs to take. This foresight is the number one reason that many companies are willing to pay a high level of compensation to those who have a proven track record of leading people and organizations to victory.


In addition to having a crystal vision a highly developed leader knows the way to the desired destination as he/she has traveled that path. The leader has travelled the similar path previously and can plan and predict the entire journey all the way to destination. Knowing the way, it also helps the leader to communicate what challenges a company may face on the way to the destination and how to overcome those obstacles.


A highly developed leader is willing to show the way by being in the front line rather than just pointing out the way and asking people to travel the way on their own. This leadership trait sets an example for the rest of the company as what true leadership is about. “Do not ask others to do what you are not willing to do yourself.”’ A quote from Eleanor Roosevelt demonstrates this example clearly.

Dr. Allen Nazeri is the founder of Dr. Allen Nazeri Consulting & Investment Advisory Group. The group is focused on helping healthcare companies to achieve high level of operational efficiency through leadership training as well as helping companies scale through strategic partnership and investments from private equity funding. Dr. Nazeri can be reached for a confidential consultation via email

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