Why Most People Fail at The Sales Process? Part 2

Allen Nazeri DDS

In the last blog, I wrote about why the first 2 steps in sales process, building rapport and discovery phase are so important. In this part, I like to cover the three remaining parts:


Once we have built strong rapport with our prospect, and have actively listened and learned about the problems they are facing, it is important that we put together a solution that provides answers to our prospect’s main concern. Most sales people, present a solution to quickly and they assume that the customer wants the same solution. Part of this is because we don’t listen to a customer well and part of it is because we think that we can change a customer’s mind to our way of thinking. This is where our communication can break down and we end up losing the customer. Another reason, many fail at this stage is the fact that they are not good at presenting the solution to the customer in an organized manner that can easily be understood by them. Also, not having all the information readily available at hand or being distracted by phone calls, messages or other people in the office while presenting is a sure way to lose a customer’s attention in the sale process. We need to also work on our communication skills, choice of words and vocabulary in this section as this is the first phase that we spent more time speaking than asking questions. I recommend to those who want to improve their communication skills, body language, etc. to sign up for toast masters that are available anywhere in the world.