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A full menu of team training & practice development options customized to your business and situation

A full menu of team training & practice development options customized to your business and situation

Dental Leadership- Developing Leaders that can help you grow and scale your practice

Dental Team Building- Learning what it takes to have a winning superstar dental team and how to create a team that can function like a fortune 500 company

Internal Marketing- Increasing a dental practice income through internal marketing efforts that is based on ethical and consultative sales through communication mastery to increase treatment plan

acceptance and patient conversion from an inquiry to an actual paid appointment

External Marketing- Developing clear and easy to understand dental advertising campaigns that are designed to solve problems for patients. These advertising use keywords of benefits

Dental Team Accountability- Learn how to create an accountable team by using KPI ( Key Performance Metrics ) in you dental practice so you are able to measure all activities and navigate the growth through smart and calculated decisions

Dental Practice Valuation- Learn the principles of valuations and how to increase the value of your dental practice that become attractive when you are ready to sell or want to exit from your dental practice.

Dental Business Training for Managers- A crash course in dental office management that covers all aspects of front office management in a modern dental practice. Dental Manager can learn about communication on the telephone, greeting and registering new dental patients, treatment plan presentation, 100% payment collection techniques, patient financing, handling objections and leading a dental team.

Dental Customer Service Training- Learn how your dental team can provide an exceptional patient experience so your patients can become a loyal fan of your dental practice 




Reputation Management


15-Month Accelerated

24-Month Mastermind Group

Brokerage & Investment Banking

15-Month Accelerated

24-Month Mastermind Group


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