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#1 Comprehensive Dental Office Management Training

For Owners, Managers, Dental Associates, Dental Nurses &  Hygienists

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An Executive MBA program  for those looking to grow their practice and manage their clinics more profitably with less chaos and headache.

Meet the instructor for the program

Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS MBA


Educational Background




  • Creighton University School of Dentistry (DDS) 

  • MBA Investment Banking & Finance University of Bedfordshire, UK

  • Advanced & Complex Prosthodontic & Implant Residency

  • Spear Dental Education

  • Las Vegas Dental Institute Core I-V ( Neuromuscular Dentistry)

  • Comprehensive & Advanced Esthetic Residency ( UCSF)

  • Misch Surgical Institute Surgical & Prosthodontic Residency

  • Bicon Surgical & Prosthodontic Residency

  • Fellow of International Congress of Implantology

  • Master of International Congress of Implantology

  • Diplomat of International Congress of Implantology ( Candidate)

  • Clinical Instructor USC School of Dentistry 

  • Clinical Instructor UCLA School of Dentistry

  • The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

  • The Disney University

  • The John Maxwell Team Leadership Certification & Coaching

  • Author of 5 Published Books

What Will You Get Out of This Program?

14 Days Live / 2.5 hrs. per Class, From Anywhere !

Live Q&A Session with Dr. Allen

Section 1

Communication & Sales Mastery

5 Days

Section 2

Leadership &

Team Building

7 Days

Section 3

Finance &

Corporate Strategy

2 Days

There has never been a comprehensive program like this anywhere, covering every aspect of a dental clinic management & business. Do not miss this program if you are an owner, manager, an associate dentist.

All classes are live and conducted online !

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Cannot attend class?

We will send you a recording so you never will miss a class.

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No need to travel !

Access from any device

What is included with every registration?

14 Day MBA Part 1 mock-00055.png
14-Day Part 2mock-00055.png
14-Day MBA Part 3 mock-00055.png

Part 1- Dental MBA Communication & Sales Mastery e-book 172 pages

Part 2- Leadership & Team Building

e-book 168 pages.

Part 3- Corporate Finance & Strategy

e-book 90 pages.


* Certificate will be awarded and mailed to participants only after evidence of completion of every module

With more dental clinics closing and filing for bankruptcy during the COVID pandemic, every dentist must learn how to practice more efficiently, be able to produce more per hour and stay profitable. If your practice has been declining, or has been in a plateau, this program is designed to give you immediately the competitive edge to do better. 


Are you going to spend the next 5,10 or 20 years

doing what you know or are you ready to maximize your potential? 

Tony Robbins | Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS MBA.

Over 14-Days you will learn all you need to know to manage and grow your dental practice more profitably by developing your skills as a leader, manager and also developing the skills of your team members who support you every day. The result will be a winning and a non-stoppable dental team that can achieve anything desired.

During the 14-Day Virtual Dental MBA, Dr. Allen will teach you and your team some important business lessons that are rarely taught anywhere to dentists. The programs is divided to three separate sections which are core fundamentals in growing a practice. These are Mastering Communication & Sales, Leadership and Team Building, as well as Corporate growth strategies and basic Finance.


Summary of the Program

Day 1- 5

Over 5 Days, Dr. Allen teaches  communication mastery so you can convert more inquiries to appointments and more of those first appointments to highly productive comprehensive appointment.  When you and your team learn how to communicate more effectively, you can become much more profitable even with less number of patients. Dr. Allen will cover every aspect of the communication sales cycle and teach your team how to identify emotional turnoffs, how to promote you and services offered through deliberate and professional handoffs, improve communication through use of elevator pitches and scripting, how, when and where to present treatment plans, handling common objections, closing and collecting 100% of all fees prior to treatment and finally how to increase transaction volume of each patient through upselling, cross-selling, bundling and cross-referrals.

Day 6- 12


During the next section, Dr. Allen will shift focus to Leadership and Team Building. During these seven days, Dr. Allen will share with you the same training information received by management teams in fortune 500 companies. You will learn everything you need to know about becoming a great leader, influencing others so they want to follow you because of who you are and what you represent rather than your position or title. You will learn how to develop other leaders within the company so everything is not dependent on you allowing you more time to spend in growing your business or personal time with loved ones. You will learn about the science of team building, how great teams are made and what you need to do as a leader to analyze and adjust on a regular basis to create a high performing team.

Day 13-14

During last two days of Dental MBA, Dr. Allen will teach you about basic finance of a dental office and discuss budgeting and cost control, he will share a sample of practice to income statements so you can customize to your practice. Dr. Allen will also discuss how to apply Key Performance Management ( KPI ) in building accountability within your team and also why it is important in cost allocation. The session will end by sharing with MBA tools used to make decision on your growth strategy and he will cover 8 ways of growing your clinic to a regional and a national player.The growth strategy session could worth millions of dollars to an entrepreneur dentist.

This Dental MBA program is a collection of best dental management practices that will literally save you 30 years of trial and error and hundreds of thousand dollars in business education or hiring a MBA graduate. The low cost of investment in this program makes this risk-free. Whether you are are solo dentist or already have built a large dental group, the information is guaranteed to help you jump to the next level.



See What Past Students Say

About Dental MBA Training

Who should be attending this program?

  • If you are struggling to make your clinic better

  • If you are spending to much time micromanaging employees

  • If your business is growing fast but don't have good systems and control

  • If employees are quitting and constantly looking for a good employee

  • If you never can find the right associate as good as you that you trust

  • If employees are constantly coming up to you asking for a raise

  • If you are good at marketing but your front desk conversion is too low

  • If you are performing a lot of single tooth dentistry and not enough comprehensive dentistry

  • If you are thinking of setting up a new practice or growing to additional locations

  • If you are planning to sell part or your entire practice and looking for ways to boost its value

  • If you are looking to raise money from an investor or plan for an IPO

  • If you are getting burned out of dentistry and thinking of switching careers 

  • If you are performing the procedures you don't like so merely to be able to do pay your bills

  • If your practice overhead is over 60% and need to have better control of operational cost

  • If you want to learn how to differentiate your dental clinic and build a raving patient base

  • If your business life is affecting your personal life

  • If you feel like you are trapped in your office all day long and have no time for yourself


A Comprehensive Team Training






Practicing dentistry is a team sport. However, most dentists never invest developing their teams. These are the most common excuses we hear:

  • What if I invest in my team and they decide to quit their job?

  • I rather train them myself after I attend the class

  • I am not sure if the training matches my practice philosophy, I can always sign them up in the future

Your Success is Determined By Your Team! 


"I am going to teach you everything I have learned as a group practice owner, angel investor, investment banker and a consultant to hundreds of small dental groups and a few largest public DSO's in just 14 days. There is not a single business program like this for dentists anywhere in the world that can offer clinic owners, managers and their teams so much value. I guarantee it !"





Program Begins on January 7th & Ends on January 21st 2021




New York        6:00 am

          London        12:00 (noon)

Dubai           16:00 

Bangkok       19:00  

Singapore     20:00 

Zoom Dental MBA.jpg

 A link will be send to you upon registration

The Value of This Program is Over $1,000,000.00


USD$3800/Dental Clinic Team

USD$998.00/Dental Clinic Team

New Year 2021 Special Pricing

Standard Price for One Dentist & Upto 5 Team Members

Limited Seats- Selling Fast !

What is included?

  • Registration for One Dentist & up to Five Team Members

  • 14 Live online training sessions 

  • Next day access to the previous day recorded sessions

  • ebooks  for all 14 days plus two additional reference ebook

Sign Up Before December 24th & Receive an ebook copy of Dr. Allen's Value Engineering: Strategies to 10X the Value of Your Clinic & Dominate the Market"

Value Engineering Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS M
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