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Dental Job Performance Management Through Use of KPI's
Key Performance Indicators

KPI also known as KPM ( Key Performance Index or Key Performance Metrics ) is a tool or dental clinics to to measure and analyze key activities in their clinics on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. This will allow the management team and dental clinic owners to measure the activities against set of pre-established targets. Dr. Allen Dental Consulting & Practice Management helps clients to customize a set of KPI's based on various job functions and departments.

​Is it necessary to use a KPI software to create and analyze dental practice data? What about dental practice management softwares, can they be used to gather the same information?

​As a dental consultant, to evaluate a client's practice, having accurate information is necessary. Even though most dentists use a dental management software, the majority of softwares are not designed to allow the dentist to create detailed performance management reports. If you have operated a dental practice, you can admit  collecting KPI data is a difficult and a highly time consuming task. Also, by the time you gather all of the data, the information is too old or historic to become more proactive in managing the key issues in a practice.

​Also, when your practice has good information, you truly are building a dental business that will be highly valued in the eyes of investors. Using a simple dental software that can gather and display the information in a simple visual and colorful charts and graphs will allow you to make strategic decision about your business rather than using hunch or instincts.

​Dr. Allen Dental Consulting offers a minimum 6-months coaching program to dental practices to create and establish KPI reports for every employee and show you how to manage and monitor data. By establishing KPIs for all employees, you will find that your employees become more focused on attaining results and are more motivated to reach the goals established for them. The dental management teams also have the ability to use the KPI information as a point of discussion for employee performance evaluations and use the metrics in assessing the employees' eligibility for a salary raise or incentives.

​You have the option to categorize the KPI's by departments and locations. Each user has the ability to enter their data on a secured  cloud based application. Owners and managers can access these data in real-time and become proactive in managing all aspects of their clinics.

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