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Dr. Allen's Life & Career

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Early Childhood

Prior to 1980


Dr. Allen was born in Tehran, Iran to an upper middle class family where his father was a dentist and his mother a Pharmacy Student. Allen grew up in Iran until he was 8 years old and then moved to London, where his father was doing a training in the department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at King's College Hospital of London. Upon return to Iran, the Shah was overthrown in 1979 revolution,  Allen and his sister along with their mother moved to Oldenburg, Germany awaiting their immigration to United States. 

Dr. Allen Childhood's Photo


Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates





John Maxwell

John Maxwell

Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi

Ralph Burnette

Ralph Burnette

Ms USA 2011

Ms USA 2011



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Young Allen Growing Up in 

The United States


Allen always dreamed of moving to the United States and with the supports of his parents, he and his sister moved to America.  Allen attended Interlake High School in Bellevue, Washington where he graduated at early age of 16. From there he studied at Seattle University and by scoring high on his DAT examination, he was accepted to 9 dental schools by the time he was only 19 years old. He picked Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and he graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery by the time he was 23 years old as the youngest dentist every graduated from Creighton.

Early Professional Career

As a Dentist


Dr. Allen began working as a dentist at a young age of 23 as a clinical instructor at USC school of dentistry in Los Angeles and one year later, he moved back to  Seattle area where he grew up. By the age of 28, he owned and managed 5 dental practices with over 100 employees. Though highly successful, the chaos in managing a very large practice coupled with an unexpected stress related health problem, forced him to become an early student of various leadership programs such as the Ritz-Carlton, Disney University and The John Maxwell. After exiting his dental practices successfully and retiring at the age of 36, he moved back to California in 2002 to pursue his next venture. 

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Mid Career Professional



Retired at age of 36  and completely financially independent, Dr. Allen decided to establish the first high-end, 100% fee for service dental groups in Palm Desert, California. Through his acquired business knowledge inspired by the Ritz-Carlton management and customer service, his dental practice became the center of attention. From confidential supermodels and celebrities to billionaires such as Liz Koch ( Koch Industries),  Bill Gates ( Co-Founder of Microsoft ), Dennis Washington ( Washington Industries ), Richard & Wendy Heckmann( Phoenix Sun), Andre AgassiRalph Brunette, Dr. Wayne Dyer  are the few names who have received Dr. Allen' services. His accomplishment was taken notice by some of the largest dental groups and Dr. Allen began his career in consulting and management by the time he was 40 years old. In 2014, Dr. Allen's huge success became a sore eye for few jealous and competing dentists where they conspired to tangle him in number of legal lawsuits by provoking and encouraging patients attacks on his work. In 2014, due to loss of the lease on his flagship clinic as well as facing health issues, Dr. Allen exits from his 3 location dental groups in Palm Desert, Irvine and Glendale and he decides to revert back to consulting and management on full time basis. A big motivation behind his pursuit a role in management was because he noticed all of the jealousy and backstabbing from competing dentists is as a result of those dentists doing so poorly in their practices so by helping dentists to become more successful, Dr. Allen thinks dentists can become more cooperative than viciously competitive. 

Educational Background




  • Creighton University School of Dentistry (DDS) 

  • MBA Investment Banking & Finance University of Bedfordshire, UK

  • Advanced & Complex Prosthodontic & Implant Residency

  • Spear Dental Education

  • Las Vegas Dental Institute Core I-V ( Neuromuscular Dentistry)

  • Comprehensive & Advanced Esthetic Residency ( UCSF)

  • Misch Surgical Institute Surgical & Prosthodontic Residency

  • Bicon Surgical & Prosthodontic Residency

  • Fellow of International Congress of Implantology

  • Master of International Congress of Implantology

  • Diplomat of International Congress of Implantology ( Candidate)

  • Clinical Instructor USC School of Dentistry 

  • Clinical Instructor UCLA School of Dentistry

  • The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

  • The Disney University

  • The John Maxwell Team Leadership Certification & Coaching

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Dr. Allen's Career Highlights With World Leaders

Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS MBA

From  a Dentist to Becoming an Investment Banker

Helping Founders Develop, Scale and Exit

Dr. Allen Nazeri has completed his Master of Business Administration degree  from the University of Bedfordshire in London, UK. He is the first medical professional ever, who  completed a MBA program in Global Investment Banking, M&A,  and Private Equity Investments. 


Practice & Business Management Consultant


Dr. Allen is the CoFounder and Executive Chairman of Nazeri & Company Co. Ltd, a Boutique Firm focused on Healthcare Advisory, Consulting, Investment Banking, Real Estate and the CEO of Dr. Allen Nazeri Healthcare Advisory Group, based in Bangkok & Las Vegas.

Dr. Allen's career took a path of serial entrepreneurship over the many years that he practiced. At age 47, he decided to retire from clinical dentistry and to take a leadership and management role as an advisor and a consultant in the field of healthcare and devote his career to teach doctors about leadership, sales, marketing and increasing their companies' valuation. He expanded his healthcare consulting practice to southeast Asia where due to increased aging population and middle income expansion has resulted in massive expansion of healthcare groups in the region. In 2016, due to the large demand for healthcare transactions he established a boutique global healthcare investment banking firm. In this role, Dr. Allen helps founders to focus on increasing the Valuation of their business. By applying his academic and practical knowledge working with professional investors such as the Private Equity firms, Dr. Allen coaches founders and management team to transform their businesses from a family run business to a professionally managed enterprise. This in turn maximizes each clinic's performance and accelerates its growth potential while getting it prepared for an eventual exit.

Partial List of Clients Who Benefited From Dr. Allen's Expertise

Dr. Allen  has been involved in consulting hundreds of clients from start up phase all the way through public listings and had also been a catalyst in securing private equity funding for many large dental groups both in Asia and USA. Dr. Allen has provided consulting services for a number of healthcare investment banking firms in overall assessment of dental industry in various global markets.

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