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“ Everything rises and falls on leadership”

Dr. John Maxwell, #1 Leadership expert



Up until a few years ago leadership was not well defined. Many people mistakingly assumed if someone has an impressive title or a position is automatically a leader. True leadership is not about a position or a title but it is only about influence. True leadership can not be assigned, awarded or appointed. It can only be earned through influence. The only thing a position or a title does for a leader is to buy the leaders some time to either influence people or undermine them. As companies grow, the need for highly trained leaders becomes more important as they become an extension of the founders and the top management to leap the company forward. Many companies rely on managers to maintain systems an processes and expect these managers to also lead. Not all managers are leaders and not all leaders are managers. Understanding this distinction allows leaders with less managerial capabilities to surround themselves with the right team members in order to carry out their company’s vision. The good news is that leadership can be learned in the same way as other skills. Leadership is the foundation for personal growth and development and only through teaching the laws of leadership and applying them, a company can equip employees with the necessary knowledge to influence and motivate others on their team to bring their vision to life. The Leadership boot camp is designed specifically for companies with the following characteristics:

• Companies where employees are easily stressed out over the company’s growth.

• Where companies are losing employees to their competitors.

• Situations where employee morales are low and managers have to constantly encourage and micromanage the people on their team.

• A company is growing so rapidly where leaders are constantly putting out fires instead of being able to focus on leading and being a visionary.

• The revenues have plateaued or are in a decline affecting the bottom line

• Your customers are switching to your competitors and your company is losing its edge

• Customer service trainings have not be effective and employees are not following through

“ The highest calling of a leader is to develop others”

Dr. Allen Nazeri

About the Boot Camp

Leadership boot camp is an intensive 4-days of live training spread over a 8-week period, as well as a total of 4 2 hours of a Q&A bi-monthly calls, designed for on-the-go C-level executives, senior leaders, department managers who want to further develop their leadership skills to have a higher impact and influence in their organization and on their team members. The boot camp consists of series of lectures, workshops and mastermind group studies of time tested leadership courses taught to many fortune 500 companies, United Nation and governmental agencies by Dr. John Maxwell. Participants will learn the following 3 subjects on leadership:

DAY 1 & 2



The first two days of boot camp will cover the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership to assist the participants in understanding the foundational principals of leadership. Learning, understanding these laws will help each participant to go through self-discovery and awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. The examples and case histories illustrated will allow everyone to reflect on their own experiences and share them in their small groups. At the end of the first day participants become fully equipped with the knowledge to accomplish extraordinary results in your company. By incorporating the laws learned and lived by them, the participants will transform the quality of their leadership immeasurably through out the organization. The weekly calls will allow the participants to discuss, ask questions and share ideas as they incorporate those learned principals in their everyday work and pass on their teachings to middle level managers.


WEEK 1&3

2-Hour Web Conferencing

“ After this training, I know what to look for as a member of my team. I am now completely aware of my strengths and weaknesses and know how to circle myself with the right talent.”

Ray Ghodsi, California Transportation Highway.

DAY 3 & 4



Success is within reach of everyone and despite the common belief that success depends on experience or talent, this course teaches participants that the communicating and connecting well with people is the key to success. Everyone can communicate more effectively by connecting well with others that unleashes their opportunity for growth and advancement in life both on personally and professionally. The Five Principles and Five Practices to develop the crucial skill of connecting with your team mates and customers will be discussed in depth, including:

· Identifying common grounds with people

· Keeping your communication simple

· Capturing people's interest

· Inspiring people

· Staying authentic in all your relationships


The art of connecting with others determines your potential to become a success as an individual, a leader or an employee of any organization. Just like anything else, some people are blessed with a more natural gift than others. However, like everything else, everyone can improve and learn and apply these principals. Whether you are leading a small group of employees, managing a region or are involved in sales, you will find the information presented in these two days highly practical and easy to use.


WEEK 5&7

2-Hour Web Conferencing

“Leadership Coaching & Training is a process that needs to be developed over time and I only can say that I am guilty of starting it so late in my career. Arman Raschtchi COO Super Color Digital

About Dr. John Maxwell

Author & #1 Leadership Expert by Inc. Magazine


John C. Maxwell is an internationally respected leadership expert, speaker, trainer, coach and author, whose philosophy is simple: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” For more than 40 years, John has been teaching people to answer their call to lead, to add value to and make a difference in the lives of others. He has devoted himself to developing and training leaders at all levels.John’s latest achievement is as founder of his globally acclaimed John Maxwell Team (JMT), an elite group of over 5,000 certified coaches, teachers, speakers, trainers and professionals who have helped people worldwide create a leadership legacy within their own spheres of influence. John Maxwell Team members inspire positive life transformation and help others achieve their highest vision and goals, both personally and professionally.

About Dr. Allen Nazeri

A John Maxwell, Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach


Dr. Allen Nazeri is the CEO/Founder of Business Mastermind Group based in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai & Las Vegas. Dr. Allen is a certified business coach, trainer ,speaker and an expert in the field of leadership with the John Maxwell Team. For nearly 25 years, Dr. Allen has been a serial entrepreneur managing and leading people in different types of organizations from start ups to publicly traded companies. Dr. Allen’s passion for subject of leadership started when he failed at the ability to grow his company at the age of 28 beyond certain level financially and faced chaos in his business. This was the beginning of his journey to be educated and mentored by Dr. John Maxwell who helped him raise his leadership lid to a level that he was able to start, grow and manage several multi-million dollar businesses by the time he was 35 years of the age and engage in consulting and training with some of the largest publicly and privately held American companies. Since that time, Dr. Allen has passionately pursued further leadership training with the John Maxwell Team, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center as well as the Disney Institute. For the last 10 years he has been involved in teaching practical leadership lessons from his own successes and failures as well as the information gathered by working with some of the most influential and wealthiest men in the world.

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