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Connect & Win Them 

Over At Every Conversation

Nothing will connect people better than finding a common ground, keeping communications simple, capturing people’s interest and inspiring them by adding value to win them over. No matter what you do for a living, or if you are just interested in making more friends and expand your network of influence, knowing how to connect with people is the key to success and that
one element alone will set you apart from the rest of the people. No matter where you are in your career and no matter what industry you are in, if you are dealing with people, this course is guaranteed to take your communication skills and networking capabilities to the next level.


In the world where
everyone tries to
communicate with our
prospects, there is only
one way to get noticed and
that is learning on how to
win them over through
intentional connection and
adding value to people.
This course must be a
requirement at every
company and MBA


Vincent Martinez, Bolder, Co

Program Objectives

• Learn top 4 reasons that connecting with people increases your influence with them

• Identify the key elements that separates high achievers in any filed from low achievers and how to use that to your      advantage

• The 3 questions that anyone you meet will be asking about you in their mind and how knowing those questions will    help you strategize your conversation properly in every situation

• Lean how to connect with people beyond words on four levels, Visually, Intellectually, Emotionally and Verbally

• How to connect with people on different occasions, One-On-One, in a Group, or as an Audience

• The ten useful tips to use when working a room to connect with people

• Understanding what makes people listen to you?

• Learn what barriers you need to overcome personally in order to find common grounds with people?

• Learn the qualities you need to portray in order to connect with people on common grounds

• How to keep your communication simple across different cultures

• Learn what can you make interesting to others?

• Learn why in order to win with people, you must start with yourself

• How to build rapport and immediate connection with people within the first 30 second

• Learn how to increase the values of others in a group and build their image

• Why saying the right words at the right time encourages people and make them loyal to you

• The things you can do for people that thy cannot do for themselves to win them over for life

• Becoming intentional about adding value to people at every occasion

“If you want to increase your sales at your company, begin with teaching your sales team and customer service agents how to influence people through connecting and communication, then watch your sales soar”
Dr. Allen Nazeri

About Dr. Allen Nazeri

A John Maxwell, Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach


Dr. Allen Nazeri is the CEO/Founder of Business Mastermind Group based in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai & Las Vegas. Dr. Allen is a certified business coach, trainer ,speaker, a founding member and an expert in the field of leadership with the John Maxwell Team. For nearly 25 years, Dr. Allen has been a serial entrepreneur managing and leading people in different types of organizations from start ups to publicly traded companies. Dr. Allen’s passion for subject of leadership started when he failed at the ability to grow his company at the age of 28 beyond certain level financially and faced chaos in his business. This was the beginning of his journey to be educated and mentored by Dr. John Maxwell who helped him raise his leadership lid to a level that he was able to start, grow and manage several multi-million dollar businesses by the time he was 35 years of the age and engage in consulting and training with some of the largest publicly and privately held American companies. Since that time, Dr. Allen has passionately pursued further leadership training with the John Maxwell Team, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center as well as the Disney Institute. For the last 10 years he has been involved in teaching practical leadership lessons from his own successes and failures as well as the information gathered by working with some of the most influential and wealthiest men and women in the world.

About The John Maxwell Team

The John Maxwell Team is a leading leadership training organization based in The United States of America and is founded by Dr. John Maxwell, the #1 Leadership expert in the field of leadership and his founding partners such as Dr. Allen Nazeri to bring high quality leadership and management trainings to the people around the world. John C. Maxwell is an internationally respected leadership expert, speaker, trainer, coach and author, whose philosophy is simple: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” The John Maxwell company and The John Maxwell team have been responsible in educating and equipping leaders in most Fortune 500 companies, US government and are currently working with 22 foreign governments to teach Maxwell philosophy. 



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