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& Remote C-Level Support

A Fast Paced Entrepreneurial Program

For Practices Ready to Sell or Raise Capital

( By Invitation Only )

This intensive program is for those entrepreneurs who have achieved a good level of success already but need the extra level of organization and guidance to help them multiply their Valuation prior to listing their business for sale or pitching it to private equity investors. Unlike the 24-Month Mastermind Coaching where the founders and their team are guided through various aspects of organizing, systemizing and documenting, and they have to achieve everything on their own in the accelerated program, Dr. Allen and his team will come to rescue and take an active role in getting the job done.

Every week, twice a week, Dr. Allen will meet the founder and the management team over a Zoom Video Conferencing for training as well as laying out the goals and strategy to meet targeted objectives based on KPI for each department. 

Dr. Allen and his team will prepare all necessary documents and intellectual properties for the client where it normally can take several months and hundreds of hours within a short period of time. In addition, Dr. Allen will identify potential strategic partner who can help with the client's short-term and long-term plan. Finally, Dr. Allen will help prepare all necessary documentations ready for presentation to investors. These include but are not limited to Initial Teaser, Investment Memorandum, Financial Modeling, Valuation, Asset Inventory and Data Room Set-up.

To learn more about this program and see if your clinic is ready to jump on this level of customization. please contact us.

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