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You Built A Successful Dental Business









As dentists we all work hard to build our dream practice. For some of us the dream practice may be a small practice in the suburbs where we focus on one patient at a time and build a patient base over 20-30 years of our careers. For some, that are more entrepreneurial, it may mean building a larger practice where they can invite other dentists to join and a form a group, for those who are both entrepreneurial and adventurous, a dream practice may look more like a dream business of chain of dental clinics at every corner of a city, country or even continent. No matter what your dreams are, no matter what your motivation is, it is vital that you have a clear vision as where you want go and what your options are when it is time to exit. Many dentists go through their careers without paying attention to where they want to be in 5,10,20 or even 30 years. It is no wonder, when an opportunity presents itself, they are not able to recognize it and cash in on those opportunities.


A dentist business is a gold mine not only during the years of practice but if it is carefully planned for future exit. Unfortunately, most dentists do not know how to tap into this gold mine for maximum profit and instead, they get involved with many other investments that produces low to mediocre results. It is your opportunity to learn how to maximize your leverage as practice owners and profit form this incredible industry. More money is being invested in health care service sector than before by powerful wall street, private equity firms and private investors than ever before as they have come to realize that health care investing, specifically investing in dentistry is a safe, non volatile and recession resistant business. However, most doctors and dentists are not financially savvy enough to understand how to position their businesses for maximum growth and profit.


This program will help you understand your options, advantages, disadvantages as well as the risks and drawbacks with each option. You do not want to miss this program, if your are confused as what direction you should take or even if you are confident of your direction but don’t know what challenges may be ahead when you arrive at your destination. If you are looking to maximize your profit from your dental clinics, you do not want to miss this incredible seminar.






Understand the different types of practices as it relates to your personal life style

• Become aware of different leadership styles that are required in each practice model

• Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of clinical specialization as it relates to practice transition • Observe and learn from various case studies presented from various practice models in the United States

• Become familiar with various investment strategies that successful dentists in each practice model use to retire and exit successfully

• Recognize the early signs and symptoms of chaotic growth and mismanagement

• Find out the steps you need to take to grow your practice to a multi location organization

• Learn the steps needed to transform your family operated business to a professionally managed company

• Recognize when and why you need to form an inner circle of advisors and what to look for?

• Learn what you must give up in order to go up in your business

• Learn the top 5 barriers that prevents dentists from growing their companies

• Identify the steps it is required to prepare your business for a transition

• Learn about the private equity investment (PE) firms strategies in identifying and funding a venture

• Become familiar with the steps needed to become a listed company in the stock exchange and the best place to enter to the market

• Learn the legal aspects of selling shares of a dental company to the public who are not licensed dental professionals

• Learn the current events in Asia and who are the investment bankers that are looking for dental projects

• Become familiar with various asset protection methods that you must use to protect your hard earned cash and your company from creditors or lawsuits

• Learn Dr. Allen’s newest and preferred disruptive model for expansion with little or no capital for companies with strong brand awareness



Dr. Allen Nazeri is a health care consultant, advisor and a coach to leading dental practices in the United States, Canada and in Southeast Asia. He has trained over 2000 dentists and team members in the areas of practice management and higher productivity. He has owned, managed and exited from 3 dental chains in USA. He has played an active role in education, training, negotiation and representation of 3 large dental companies with nearly 900 locations and annual combined revenue of approximately $800 million dollars. Dr. Allen is a sought after consultant by 3 major investment firms in USA and Asia. He is actively involved in identifying health care opportunities for private equity firms and prepares dental and medical clients for representation and investor road shows through his extensive network of business professionals. Dr. Allen is currently the CEO of Business Mastermind Group International based in Hong Kong, Dubai and Las Vegas. He is a trained speaker and a coach with the John Maxwell Team, has practiced reconstructive & implant dentistry in USA and is an author of two books. For more information, please visit

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