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How to BUILD 


RUN a COMPANY without

going to Office?




Up until a few years ago leadership was not well defined. Many people mistakingly assumed if someone has an impressive title or a position is automatically a leader. True leadership is not about a position or a title but it is only about influence. True leadership can not be assigned, awarded or appointed. It can only be earned through influence. The only thing a position or a title does for a leader is to buy him/her some time to either influence people or undermine them.

As companies grow, the need for highly trained leaders becomes more important as they become an extension of the senior management to leap the company forward. Many companies rely on managers to maintain systems an processes and expect these managers to also lead. Not all managers are leaders and not all leaders are managers.
Understanding this distinction allows leaders with less managerial capabilities to surround themselves with the right team members in order to carry out their company’s vision. A company that is built on the foundation of empowering other leaders to grow and reach their highest potential are the ones that can weather the life’s strongest storms and carry forward regardless of external or internal circumstances. But the question is how do you do it? John Maxwell, the #1 leadership expert has summarized these principals in a simple and an easy to understand way for C-Level executives and senior leadership teams and manager to understand to apply in their companies and various
departments. This uplifting and yet intensive program is designed to help you raise your leadership skill to the next level so you too can build a leadership team that can run a company, department or an organization with or without you going to the office.


Course Objectives 

• Learn why most leaders are not really leaders but only hard working managers?

• Learn what are the top 3 leadership laws that you must understand and comply with in order to move your leadership skills to the next level

• Find out how your can navigate your team forward even if you have never been to where you are going?

• Understanding why positions and titles are temporary in any organization and what you need to do to become indispensable to your company, board of directors and the people who follow you?

• Becoming aware of your strength and weaknesses as a leader

• Why most leaders have a difficult time in motivating their employees to believe in their vision and see the bigger picture and what they must do?

• Learn the 3 things that your team looks for in your character order to trust you as a leader?

• Learn how to earn respect from others and the 6 traits that you will be evaluated by as leader

• What are the 7 characteristics that we naturally use to hire and recruit team members ?

• Understand the 3 questions that you must consistently as yourself as a leader to keep you grounded?

• How to create an inner-circle and why this is important in maximizing your potential as a leader?

• The 3 fatal barriers that leaders must overcome, in order to empower people

• Why the most valuable gift a leader can give is by example and what you need to watch out for?

• What are the 3 components of leading your team to victory and why these must be instilled in all of your team members

• Understanding that activity is not necessarily accomplishments and what you need to do prioritize your day?

• How the law of momentum can help you shine as a leader?

• Understand why leadership is about sacrifice and what you need to give up in order to go up?

• How to exponentially grow as a company ?

• The challenges that you must be aware of and overcome in recruiting and developing other leaders

• What you need to do to build a lasting company/organization that can run with or without you?

“ As a leader remember everything that you do can either help you get closer to your dream or it can push you away,
it is your choice to learn the game.“

 Dr. Allen Nazeri 

About Dr. Allen Nazeri

A John Maxwell, Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach


Dr. Allen Nazeri is the CEO/Founder of Business Mastermind Group based in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai & Las Vegas. Dr. Allen is a certified business coach, trainer ,speaker, a founding member and an expert in the field of leadership with the John Maxwell Team. For nearly 25 years, Dr. Allen has been a serial entrepreneur managing and leading people in different types of organizations from start ups to publicly traded companies. Dr. Allen’s passion for subject of leadership started when he failed at the ability to grow his company at the age of 28 beyond certain level financially and faced chaos in his business. This was the beginning of his journey to be educated and mentored by Dr. John Maxwell who helped him raise his leadership lid to a level that he was able to start, grow and manage several multi-million dollar businesses by the time he was 35 years of the age and engage in consulting and training with some of the largest publicly and privately held American companies. Since that time, Dr. Allen has passionately pursued further leadership training with the John Maxwell Team, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center as well as the Disney Institute. For the last 10 years he has been involved in teaching practical leadership lessons from his own successes and failures as well as the information gathered by working with some of the most influential and wealthiest men and women in the world.

About The John Maxwell Team

The John Maxwell Team is a leading leadership training organization based in The United States of America and is founded by Dr. John Maxwell, the #1 Leadership expert in the field of leadership and his founding partners such as Dr. Allen Nazeri to bring high quality leadership and management trainings to the people around the world. John C. Maxwell is an internationally respected leadership expert, speaker, trainer, coach and author, whose philosophy is simple: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” The John Maxwell company and The John Maxwell team have been responsible in educating and equipping leaders in most Fortune 500 companies, US government and are currently working with 22 foreign governments to teach Maxwell philosophy. 



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