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Terms & Conditions


1. To qualify for any bonuses with purchase of a training and a coaching program, full payment must be received by use of a credit card or bank wire transfer prior to sending out the bonus.

2. All payments are non-refundable. There is no money back guarantee and to be successful with any program, you must show up and implement the programs. Your success is your responsibility.


3. All training materials, including books, forms, videos, infographics, photos, tables and all other intellectual property is a property of Dr. Allen Consulting & Advisory Group and maynot be shared or duplicated without written request and confirmation.


4. A tax receipt can be provided upon request. Please email


5. No professional ( Legal / Tax )  advice is given by Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS MBA. All information received must be viewed as entertainment and all information related to legal and tax must be verified by you from a competent legal or tax advisor.

6. When you make a purchase online or offline, you have entered into a commercial agreement with Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS MBA and not a Consumer agreement. Therefore, one you have made your payment, the contract is binding and there are no consumer rights such as cooling off period.

7. Neither Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS MBA or Dr. Allen Nazeri Consulting & Advisory Group is responsible for any business decision that you make in your business.

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