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Cancellation Policy

If you are registering for our Online Tele-Coaching Program, we like you to be aware of our cancellation policy before you register for the program.

We are bringing to you a very high quality online and live dental management training at a highly reduced price compared to participating at one of our live workshops. For our company to be able to operate efficiently and provide the highest value and interaction, we require a minimum participation of at least 10 students. If our minimum numbers are not met, we reserve the right to cancel the program and provide you 100% refund. You may also elect to use 100% of the funds that you paid us toward another program.

If you decide to cancel this program, after you have paid us, we will refund the 100% of the course fee as a credit toward other future programs.

No-Show Policy

We understand that plans change and sometimes students may not be able to attend some of the programs. In the case you are not able to attend the program, please send us an email to as soon as you become aware of your inability to attend and we will send you a recording of the program that you may watch at your discretion.

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