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Increase Your Production 

10 X

Yes, You Are Reading It Right !

Dental Case Acceptance Training

Video #1:

Understanding about the Sales & Sales Cycle, Identifying Emotional Turn Offs and Patient buying Psychology. Why having elevator pitches is a must when communicating with patients.

Video #2:

Learn the concept of Fear Based vs. Want Based Treatment Planning and Receive .How to use Want-Based Selling to help you close more cases and get agreement from patients. ( An Eye-Opener to Traditional Dentistry ). You will receive all of the scripts for various clinical procedures as how to ask great questions?

Video #3:

Find out When, Where & How to Present Treatment Plans to Increase Your Chances of Case Acceptance. Learn the pitfalls in presentation that leads to patients dissecting your treatment apart and begin shopping around.

Video #4:

Learn the Art of Handling Objections with practical everyday examples and scripts. Learn how to handle objections related to pain, time and money. Also, learn not to confuse complaints with objections.

Video #5:

Find out when and how to ask closing questions and how to collect full payments for your treatments sometimes weeks in advance. You will also learn the most common closing techniques and how you can apply them to your dental practice.

Video #6:

 Learn about Elevator Pitches and Receive Scripted List of Most Commonly Used Elevator Pitches for Your Practice

Video #7:

Strategies to Increase Purchase Volume of Each Patient through Upselling, Cross-selling, Bundling, Cross-Referral and Cross Promotion

Video #8:

Teach Your Team to Identify " What Looks Good & What Needs To be Improved ? " When Talking to Patients About Cosmetic Dentistry. Learn how to communicate cosmetic dentistry with patients that leads to higher conversion..

5 Videos + 3 Bonus Videos = 8 Videos  



On Demand Video Contents 24/7
Progressive Quizzes
Downloadable Handouts

1 Single Payment


3 Equal Payments 90 Days

Single Dental Clinic License​

(2 Dentists/5 Team Members)

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Group Practice License

( Up to 10 Dentists / 50 Team Members)

*One-Year Access for Single / Group Practices

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If you are not satisfied from the program after watching the first video and before watching video #2, send us a cancellation request to and you will be immediately refunded. No questions asked, no explanation required.



Take advantage of this life changing and income boosting opportunity today. You have nothing to lose but so much more potential to earn more.



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