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3-DAY Dental MBA | Bangkok, Thailand 

Q. Can I attend this program if I do not own my dental practice?

A.  YES ! This program is designed to develop your non clinical skills in Sales, Communication, Leadership, Team Building, Executive Decision Making and more that can be used at any dental settings.

Q.  Do I receive a certificate for attending this program?

A. Yes. You will receive two Certificates. One Certificate is from Dr. Allen's Dental Business University and the other will be from the John Maxwell Team based in USA.

Q. Can I bring any of my team members?

A. Yes. You may enroll your team members for this program. To enroll more than 5 people, please contact us for a group discount

Q. Can I use MBA designation after my name after attending this program?

A. No. This program is an intense 3-Day training program to introduce dentists to dental practice management concepts they can use everyday in leading and managing a dental practice.

Q. Do I need to be a dentist to attend this program?

A. No. Anyone who is responsible in leading or managing a dental group may attend this program

Q. How often do you offer the 3-Day Dental MBA?


A. The 3-Day Dental MBA is offered throughout the year as an online training. However the actual events are limited.

Q. Do I need to stay at the hotel where the training will take place?

A. No. You may stay at any hotel. However, if the hotel is included in your tuition fee, you may only stay at that hotel. We also recommend staying at the same hotel to save on travel time and collaborate with other participants before and after class.

Q. Would I have time to enjoy the city or visit various attractions?

A. You will have most of the evenings available for activities. However, this is an intense training program due to the limited hours. You may decide to arrive a few days before the program or leave a few days after to enjoy other activities

Q. What is the cancellation policy if I cannot make it to the program?

A. Please see the Cancellation Policy. Click Here

Q. Is Bangkok a good place to travel with my family?

A. Absolutely Yes. Bangkok was No. 1 city traveled in the world last year and it offer many attractions for the entire family

Q. Do I need to have a visa to travel to Thailand?

A. Please check whether or not you require a visa to travel to Thailand through a travel agent or by clicking here

Q. Can Dr. Allen Dental Consulting arrange for my Airline Reservation?

A. No. At this time, our company is not able to book your airline. But you may book your airline and find the best rates by visiting or

Q. Would I be able to extend my hotel stay?

A. Yes. You are welcome to extend your hotel stay. Please contact our team for assistance and special hotel pricing.

Q. When do you recommend that I arrive in Bangkok?

A. We recommend that you arrive at least 24 hours prior to your course start date.

Q. Would I be able to leave immediately after the last day and fly back home?

A. Yes. The program is designed to finish by approximately 3:00 pm so you may plan to depart in the same evening.


Q. How far is the hotel from the airport?

A. Depending on which airport in Bangkok, you will arrive and depart from, it is safe to assume that it may take up to 60 minutes travel time from Bangkok's CBD.

Q. What will be the cost of taxi from airport to the Hotel?

A. There are many options available including metered taxi or airport private cars. The fare can range from $15-$40 one way.

Q. Is the hotel where the program will be conducted near major shopping and Bangkok's nightlife?

A. Yes. The hotel will be in the heart of Bangkok's shopping and entertainment activities.


Q. Can I request special dietary meals during my visit?

A Yes. Please advise our team at least 72 hours prior to your arrival.


Q. If I register early, What type of a hotel can I expect to stay in for free as part of my tuition?


A: We will choose a property for you that is of at least 4 stars International Standards or a 5 star hotel. All hotels selected will be in Bangkok CBD at or near the  lecture.

Q: Can I make my own reservation and have you pay for the hotel?

A: No. That is not possible as we negotiate the best rates to keep everyone in the same hotel.

Q: What type of a room can I expect?

A: We provide standard rooms and you will not be sharing it with anyone. If you are travelling with another person, we will be happy to find a double occupancy room for you.

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