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5 Critical Points of Building a Great Team

In business we can learn a lot from sports. Championships are won and lost on one factor and only one factor, the team. How well a team is put together and the chemistry of the team determines the success of a team. So what are the common things that a team does to become the next champion. These are the lists based on my personal observation of various companies that I consult with:

1) The Coach/Leader understands the team

A leader's responsibility is to learn as much as he/she can about the players on the team. This is where it is so important for business leaders to spend as much time as they can both during work and off work time with their team members so they can learn about them on a personal level. The strengths, weaknesses and desires of a player will give leaders the clues necessary as what position must be assigned to the team member where they can flourish. It is always a leaders responsibility to create the opportunities and the environment where his players can maximize their potential

2) The Coach/Leader understands the team chemistry

Learning about each individual player is never enough. A true coach/leader is able to match the team players based on their chemistry and how well the team members get along. It is nothing worst than having two star players that have no matching chemistry. This typically leads to a dysfunctional team.

3) The Coach/Leader understands the play

Every play or situation is different. Understanding the situation as a leader allows you to line up the right team for the situation. In certain critical situations, a leader needs only the star players. In some other conditions, the leader may put a team together that does not consist of all star players. We see situations like that when a sport team is scoring far ahead of their rivals and the coach gets his/her bench team to participate.

4) The Coach/Leader add or remove team members often

Because a leader is so involved with the players, the team and the situation, they are quick to make decisions on who to add to a team and whom to remove. This level of leadership only comes from experience and truly understanding the dynamics of a team.

5) The Coach/Leader is always communicating and is transparent

Open and transparent communication is the key to success for teams. Leaders who communicate their vision for a team by breaking down the big picture to small and comprehendible milestones for team members not only win the players' hearts but they create a positive culture of openness and honest within their groups.

If our team is not getting anywhere, it is time for us to evaluate ourselves as leaders and see if we are doing the five critical points of putting a team together. Sometimes by slight modification in our team building efforts, we can achieve extraordinary results.

Dr. Allen Nazeri is the founder of Dr Allen Nazeri Consulting & Advisory group specializing in leadership, management and strategic planning for health care companies. Dr. Nazeri and his group of consultants can assist clients around the globe in Operational Streamlining, Strategic Partnership and fund raising activities up to one Billion US Dollars. For a private and confidential consultation, please contact Dr. Allen Nazeri through linkedin.

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