Can Myanmar become a medical tourism threat to Thailand or other ASEAN countries?

One of the five competitive

forces according to Harvard University professor, Michael Porter is the "Threat of Substitute" and it is my opinion that Myanmar can replace Thailand as the medical tourism hub over the next decade and Thailand healthcare must be aware and there are several reasons.

This week, I visited Myanmar with one of my clients and I had the opportunity to visit many private hospitals operated by both the locals as well as international operators. This Southeast Asian country of nearly 53 million people is fighting its way to build the economy and its infrastructure after being isolated from the world for nearly six decades. The election of the new non-military president in 2016, Mr. Htin Kyaw and Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, the new State Counsellor, has given hopes to both locals and international communities. One of the fastest growing sectors is healthcare. One reason is because of low level medical standards that is deriving well to do locals to seek treatments in other countries such as Thailand but also the fact that the government knows that they can not co