Thailand Dental Tourism: How one dental chain is making it easier and safer for Australians to get

Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC offers Aussies affordable dental treatments, payment plans as well as International Patient Guarantee

program back home.

Thailand has been a well known destination among Aussies for its great medical care. It has an unparalleled international reputation both for elective and non elective treatments. Hospitals and clinics are constantly looking for ways to cater to the Aussies and find ways to add value.

Bangkok Smile Dental Group, one of Thailand's largest group dental practices with eight locations in Bangkok and Phuket, is a large recipient of international patients since 2003. They receive thousands of inquiries from Australians who want to save on cost of their dental treatment and also want to enjoy a vacation in Thailand.

Bangkok Smile has a had a laser beam focus on Aussies to make their dental journey as smooth as possible and also is the only dental network that offers access and international patient guarantee program to Aussies who return home.

In my recent survey of a sample group of nearly 80 Aussie patients who chose Bangkok Smile as their clinic of choice to undergo various dental treatments, from a simple dental cleaning to more advanced cosmetic and dental implant treatments,