Exceed your patients' expectations, The Ritz-Carlton way! Every Time.

Recently, on a stopover from Bangkok to Miami, my wife and I decided to spend the night at Sharq Village Resort & Spa in Doha, so I can attend a business meeting at the same time. I have always been a loyal fan of the Ritz-Carlton brand , not only because they have magnificent properties but because there is always something to learn from the ladies and the gentlemen who work at these properties. Those who know me, they know, that I am so fond of the RC customer experience philosophy that I created the first series of dental clinics in California based on the Ritz-Carlton leadership philosophy which became a big hit and it certainly pushed other dentists to raise their standards in developing nicer offices and offer better quality of service for their patients. Even though many of them hated me at the time as it looked like that I was disrupting the original mom and pop dentist practice, then later on they admitted that following some of those RC principals that I preached about in my lectures, helped them gain competitive advantage over their competition and they attracted higher quality patients to their practices.

Seven days, three days and 24 hourS, prior to our arrival I received a warm greeting email, welcoming us to their property and asking us if there was anything they can do to make our trip more memorable. Since my travel and meeting coincided with our anniversary, I asked them to reserve a table at their Persian restaurant so we celebrate over a skewer of Chicken Kabob and various fine Persian appetizers. Without really much expectation, we arrived at a reserved table covered with Rose petals and our meal ended with an amazing chocolate mousse cake along with a small fire cracker on the side, a personal visit from the chef and the F&B manager. As we left the restaurant and head back to our room, the biggest surprise was finding our room decorated with all sort of anniversary celebration banners, balloons and a framed picture of us and our two dogs with almost everyone at the hotel signing their names to acknowledge our celebration. WOW!!! What an amazing way to make a memorable experience for a customer. Knowing that from our previous profile that we like dogs, they even had designed dog paws on the cake!!!

So why does RC team go out of their way to make guest experiences unique and personal? Why this does not happen routinely at other 5 star hotels? It is because RC leadership trusts their employees, empower and encourage them to become creative. There is no bureaucracies that inhibits or punishes creativity. Every employee at the Ritz-Carlton is empowered to spend up to $5000 per guest in creating memorable experiences or resolving issues that favors the guests. This incredible empowered leadership philosophy from top management has trickled down to every level on the organizational chart. It is no wonder that they continue to secure their position as #1 hotelier in the world, year after year.